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All you need is Higher Love.

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You deserve to feel good. That’s why we made our ultra-pure, ultra-smooth Higher Love Massage Oil. Formulated with clean ingredients you can trust, this product blends 800 milligrams of CBD with the natural goodness of coconut oil. If you like giving (or getting) back rubs, this product is your new best friend. It’s also a great pick for intimate use—who said the course of true love never did run smoothly?

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  • 4 fl oz (118 mL) pump top bottle
  • ‭800 mg of full-spectrum CBD
  • No added fragrances
  • Safe for intimate use and all skin types
  • All our products are cruelty-free
  • Vegan

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Will it make me feel high?

Nope. Our massage oil is not psychoactive. Because the cannabinoids in topicals aren’t absorbed into the bloodstream, they won’t make you feel high. Also, CBD won’t make you high, so even if you ate this product (please don’t), you wouldn’t feel a psychoactive effect.

Can this be used as lube?

Sure! Go forth and have fun. Just remember that oil-based lubricants don’t pair well with latex.

Why is the potency number on my label different from what I see on your website/what was on my last product?

The potency of full-spectrum extract varies slightly from batch to batch, as do topicals made with full-spectrum extract. Other concentrated cannabis products—like distillate—produce consistent potency numbers, but at what cost? Distillates strip cannabis down to its most basic—and least useful—form. We use full-spectrum extract in our topicals. The potency numbers on our website are targets, and as such, the unique numbers printed on each label might be slightly higher or lower depending on the batch.

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Please note - the FDA has not evaluated our products or CBD in general. We are consequently required to clearly state that this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

This product contains 99+% pure, THC-free, Oregon CBD, cultivated in accordance with section 7606 of the Agriculture Act of 2014. 2018 Farm Bill compliant.


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